Spirit Being Human (Paperback)

Spirit Being Human (Paperback)

Everything happens for a reason. Soon after the initial trauma has subsided, the universe provides a golden opportunity to hear the language of light within to grow, heal, and become a stronger, wiser, and healthier person. In a unique journey of self-discovery, Hazel Rose leads others through her traumatic experiences while growing up in a small island community in North Queensland and later as she encountered tragedy, accidents, a family breakdown, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, rape, confrontations with the law, and repeated violent relationships. While detailing her life journey, Hazel also documents her accounts of the fight, fright, and freeze responses in her body and how this propelled her spiritual growth as she found a new path from her darkest challenges to a remarkable recovery where she reconnected with spirit through yoga, meditation, and the arts, discovered an inner sanctuary, and realized the importance of community, family, and friends. Spirit Being Human shares a journey of self-discovery as a trauma survivor discovers resilience through yoga, the arts, her spiritual connection, and much more.

Format: Softcover
Dimensions: 6x9
Page Count: 312
ISBN: 9781982296513


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Spirit Being Human (Audiobook)

Spirit Being Human (Audiobook)


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